Monday, 18 March 2013

Invest In Eco Green Cars For Your Wellbeing And For An Improved Environmental Safety

The environment should be the prior concern of everyone. Buying environmentally friendly car is supposed to be one of your top priorities if you want to live a healthy lifestyle. These types of cars constitute less pollution to the environment compared to petrol-driven cars. It is only natural that to expect that everybody will be environmentally conscious and do things that will improve the environment rather than complicate issues.  For car owners, living an eco conscious life is no longer difficult with more and more designs evolving on a constant basis. In fact, the desire for an eco green car is on the increase especially with the increase in the cost of petrol nowadays. 

The very fact that eco friendly cars cause less environmental pollution and require less maintenance than  gasoline cars make them more trendy and popular. The market previously has been subjugated by petrol power-driven automobiles but recently, there are varieties of options and models which offer  car owner opportunities to opt for eco friendly cars as a substitute for the regular petrol-powered vehicles.

The market today is filled with different kinds of environmental friendly cars. The major remarkable kind among these green cars is battery-powered automobile. This type of vehicle does not require the use of petrol at all. It is completely driven by electricity.  However, these types of automobiles can only cover limited distance of 100 miles. After about 100 miles, the vehicle ought to be recharged before it  can be able to cover another distance of similar mileage.

Individuals who are intending to purchase ecological friendly cars also have the option of choosing a hybrid vehicle which makes use of both gasoline and battery. This type of vehicle is structured to be powered first by battery for certain speed after which it will switch to petrol.

Another type of eco green cars is the plug-in hybrid cars. This type of vehicles  has a similar mode of operation to the hybrid cars; the only difference between the two is that this type of vehicles are  not self-charging  and needs to be plugged to a power outlet to recharge after some miles of usage. The hybrid cars on the other hand have an inbuilt self charger.

To give you a clearer guide, we have provided a more detailed list of top trendy eco green vehicles. See below:

TheToyota Prius
This is the most popular and most essential hybrid vehicle available. It costs about $22,000 to $24,000 and returns more or less 50 mpg for its present type.

TheChevrolet Volt 230
This is a plug-in hybrid vehicle that runs for about 40 miles on battery before needing a recharge. This type of eco green vehicle was discovered since about 10 years ago but was just recently introduced to the market.

TheTesla Roadster
Another eco friendly car is very expensive Tesla Roadster cars that is completely powered by electricity. It costs about $100,000 and has a mileage of about 300 mile range before it needs a recharge. Its ability to run for 300 mile before needing a recharge makes the invention a ground-breaking for a battery-powered vehicle.

The Honda Insight
This is the first hybrid model vehicle available in the market but was not as patronized as the Toyota Prius. However, the invention of Honda Insight opened door for availability and purchase of hybrid vehicles in the market.

The Ford Escape SUV
Another type of hybrid vehicle is the Ford Escape SUV. It functions better than all other hybrid vehicles. It can boast of economizing about 34 mpg of gasoline. Another striking difference is that even with its higher functionality; it is very cheap compared to similar models and costs about $31,500.

The Ford Fusion Hybrid
This is among the most top hybrid vehicles made in America and costs about $27,270. It has won numerous awards to its credit.

The Nissan Leaf
This is another type of hybrid vehicle that is planned to come to the market soon. This electrically powered automobile possesses glossy curves, a low gas emission engine and is affordable. Its selling price is about $32,000.

The Mitsubishi i-MiEV

This type of electric vehicle is among the first Japanese battery powered vehicles and is reputed for having a zero gas emission rate.

The Lexus HS

This is a luxurious type of electric powered vehicle that has a gasoline efficiency of $34,200.

Volkswagen Jetta TDI

This type of eco green car has a very neat line and a gasoline cost-cutting measure of 44 mpg. It can comfortably compete with top green cars. It has an inbuilt sunroof for those who love a bit of the sun rays.

Eco friendly cars are beneficial to us as well as the environment.  Though, it is not  generally functional at the moment, eventually most drivers worldwide would opt for ecogreen cars. The environment would be enhanced and much cleaner when this happens. What we should do as prospective buyers of eco green cars is work towards making the producers come out with a better options in terms of functionality and cost.

Saturday, 2 March 2013

The Cons Of Nuclear Energy: Minimizing The Risk To Benefit More From Nuclear Reactions

Nuclear power has advantages as well as disadvantages. There are lots of pros of nuclear power but in this particular post we will be talking about some disadvantages of nuclear power.

The cons of Nuclear Energy

·        Nuclear energy involves two types of fusion: Nuclear fusion and nuclear fusion. During nuclear fusion, a lot of radiation and nuclear waste are generated most of which are injurious and dangerous and in some cases fatal. These can lead to cancerous growth in individuals and other related ill- health.

·        The waste generated during nuclear power production as well as fuel rods that are employed during the process lingers for thousands of years. This is the reason behind storing nuclear waste in preserved containers covered in locations that could be managed and not left littered about. The fact remains that the more generation of power from nuclear energy, the more accumulation and building up of nuclear waste.

Nuclear Explosion
· Nuclear and radioactive accidents are very devastating and dangerous. Example of such is Japan nuclear energy’s tragedy that almost wiped away a whole city. When the accidents occur, they are much more dangerous that common pollution of the environment by radioactive gases, pollutants and water which as a whole may cause considerable changes to the world in general.

·  A number of countries can make use of simple machinery of producing electricity through nuclear reactions to make fuel for constructing nuclear weapons. Such machinery can also be potential targets for rebels’ attacks.

·        Radioactive materials like plutonium, uranium and thorium are extremely costly. Even though they ubiquitous and copiously available on earth, their location could be difficult to track which makes their mining, distillation and haulage very costly.

·        Constructing huge nuclear power plants is contentious and can last for about 10 years. It can result to extensive completion time and expensive extra management cost as plants are customized to account for the most up-to-date regulations together with the actual beginning of the project as a result of exhibition and setbacks.

Even though nuclear processing and nuclear power plants generate radioactive fritter away and the possibility for ecological catastrophe could be great, the advantages of nuclear power in producing bulky amounts of  energy devoid of contamination of the atmosphere with poisonous fumes and conservatory gases overshadows the disadvantage of nuclear energy. As technological expertise advances and we discover modus operandi to take full advantage of the energy creation and curtail the nuclear wastes and excesses, nuclear power will grow to be further time-honored means of power generation.

Nuclear Power plant

Nuclear Energy Benefits: Pros Of Nuclear Energy Production

Nuclear Bulb Reactor

Today many developed nations of the world depend on nuclear energy for their much needed electric power in order to take care of domestic, civic and industrial needs in their countries irrespective of some principled and opinionated concerns about the nuclear energy pros and cons.

In the past, most people were of the opinion that nuclear energy was the solution to the global energy scarcity. The magnanimous supply of energy  by a minute quantity of Uranium when it undergoes a nuclear reaction was envisaged to be a savior to the world’s energy needs since coal and  crude oil deposits  availability are feared to be completely exhausted in the near future. Formerly, irrespective of cons of nuclear energy, nuclear energy was perceived to be a substitute to these usual fossil fuels, and was consequently termed a substitute energy base in addition to wind energy and cosmological energy.

Though nuclear energy doesn’t constitute environmental pollutions just like the other fossil fuels; the fact remains that radioactive substances used in nuclear reactions just like the other fossil fuels is a minute God-given resource which can as well get depleted with time like the other fossil fuels. It cannot however be rightfully termed a substitute energy resource. Notwithstanding the fact that nuclear energy cannot rightfully be termed an alternative energy resource, it has many pros which we will talk about below.

Pros of Nuclear Energy:
Nuclear energy Power Plant
Nuclear reaction involves two main types of reactions-nuclear fission and nuclear fusion. During nuclear fusion tremendous amount of energy is produced. This energy released during nuclear fusion can be used to convert water into its gaseous state. The gaseous form of water(steam) are very useful in revolving and rotating electricity generating turbines and generators to produce energy which is higher in quantity than the energy produced by the same size of the other types of fossil fuel.
Nuclear reaction does not constitute environmental pollution just like the process of burning the other types of fossil fuel to generate electric power. This means that using nuclear reaction to generate energy does not result in the release into the atmosphere dangerous gases like carbon monoxide which leads to environmental pollution. They are therefore more environmental friendly than the other fossil fuels.

Nuclear fusion releases such enormous amount of energy. Consequently, a small power station which generates energy through nuclear reactions can supply electric power to huge no of people round the clock and throughout the year. When you compare the energy produced by a unit mass of a radioactive substance to the energy produced by a unit mass of other fossil fuels which are not radioactive, the nuclear energy is the top rated.

The nuclear reactors can be set up within the industrial areas because they do not need a big expanse of land. This means that transfer of power from the nuclear power station where they are produced to the end users would not normally go through a long distance like the case of other fossil fuels. Even though it is very costly to construct a nuclear reactor, when it is done, the managerial and functional cost is much less compared to the other remnant fuels.

Also when pain is taken to construct a good quality nuclear power station and nuclear reactor, it can run for decades without having to service, repair or bring them up to date. Nuclear energy is very good but it also has its own disadvantages. We will discuss about the disadvantages of nuclear energy generation in our subsequent post. Feel free to come back for the next post if you find this information helpful.

Friday, 14 December 2012

Eco green toys for your children this Christmas:

Christmas season is here again! Of course as parents we have to buy Christmas gifts for our children. This is an indisputable fact! What is disputable is the kind of toys we buy for our children. Are they eco green toys or not? If you think there is any reason for arguing against Christmas gifts for your children, drop a note for us to know what your arguments are. We are aware that not everybody is a Christian and celebrates Christmas but whether you celebrate it or not, Christmas is acceptable worldwide and is a holiday that is celebrated annually. 

We buy Christmas gifts for our kids not only for the reason that our kids eagerly await expectantly for precious moments like Christmas but also as parents it is our responsibilities to treat our children with toys or gifts whether it is holiday season or not. Which type of toy would you go for this Christmas? Would you go for anything in the market or would you rather prefer buying and offering your kids' green toys with green wrappings which are not only safer for your kids but also safer for you as parents, the environment and the society at large.

Eco green vegetables

Eco green toys are safer for your children as they come in a form that is soft, brilliantly colorful, and cuddly with no bits and pieces to fear about chocking your little ones. This means that you can leave your kids to play with their eco green toys while you comfortably carry on with your work whether outside the home or around the home knowing that they won’t get suffocated by the toys. Eco green toys are safe for you because they are not only cheaper compared to the other toys made with non biodegradable materials. I mean even if they appear to be costlier currently, on the long run, they are cheaper because of their durability.

I have had series of experience with kids spoiling their toys not up to 24 hours after they were bought. This is what you have to contend with when you buy non-biodegradable toys, non eco friendly toys and toys that are unfriendly to the environment apart from the fact that they could get your children choked. Eco green toys and eco friendly toys offer you good value for the money you spend on them. They are durable and can last forever. You basically use them and use them until you and your children are tired of them. The benefits you gain from using eco green toys don’t even end there; you have the option of recycling them again for re-use and for money depending on what you want.
Eco green toys are environmental friendly. This means that the environment has less waste to battle with unlike when non eco friendly toys are used. 

Those non eco green toys made of PVCs and the like could stay for ages in the environment constituting environmental hazards and pollution and on the long run constitute in one way or the other to global warming or climate change which is then not only harmful to the child, the parents, the environments but the global society at large. Developed countries of the world have a better way of disposing these wastes, yes, but does that mean that they are environmental friendly and poses no danger to the environment? No, not at all and far from the point! If this is the case with advanced countries, what much more harm could be caused by non eco green toys, non environmentally green shopping bags and non eco green wrappings for gift. What do you make of the ugly environment in the photo shown here in the hub which is only a meager amount of danger that the environment and people could go through as a result of careless living and non eco green conscious living.

How many lives would have been affected health wise by such a disgusting sight as that? What do you think? Let us know what you think, let the world know what you think, shout it aloud so that every ear both deaf and dumb will hear it!  Eco green toys are what we need for our children! Eco green toys are the best bet for parents. Eco green toys are the best bet for our environment. Eco green toys are necessary for a better health and a prolonged life span, not only for children, men and women but for plants and animals as well and in fact for everything that has life in it. Let’s shout the words aloud! Let’s sing the music louder!! Let’s blow the trumpet high!!!

Thursday, 6 December 2012

Fundamentals Of Eco Green Column: What You Need To Build Eco Green Column!

An ecosystem is the population of organisms living in a particular environment together with the natural surroundings in which they live on and survive from on a daily basis. The Eco green column is a branch of life science intended to form a small sized ecosystem. Eco green column is composed of a terrestrial habitations /surroundings made up of layers of compost and also aquatic habitations/surroundings made up of water. Eco green column can be built in two different ways:

·        It can be built by firstly setting up a Terrestrial Aqua Column and afterwards gradually make additions to it.

·         It can also be built as an entire ecosystem from the beginning. Any of the method you employ is ok and acceptable, go with the one you feel more comfortable with. You will achieve the same result so long as you take into considerations all you need to set up the eco green column.

The fundamental knowledge for instructors of Eco green Column is intended to be used as a system of study of the circulation of energy within a population living in eco green column and rotation of substances within the eco green column systems. The eco green column system makes easily available the prospect to comprehend the way energy come into the existing world and transported via food chains to the different levels of organizations,  as well as the relationship between the living and nonliving environments  in the course of matter undergoing varying degrees of  cycles and changes.

Fundamental Science for instructors has recommended numerous actions for the Eco green Column. Examples of such actions are:  Inventory taking and thoughtful Change. These two actions are also recommended for the Terrestrial Aqua Column which offers fundamental data for learning about the system on the long run. The constituents of the “menu” help to observe and inspect the sources and the foundation of energy being utilized by the organisms in the Eco green Column, which easily enhances the likelihood and ability to build a food web. Essentially, “I am a Fungus” for example discloses a segment of the food web that could not be seen with naked eyes among which are the yeasts and molds that functions as decomposers within the ecosystem’s or eco-green columns food chain. During rainfall, eco- green column is converted into a representation/replica of water cycle. “Decomposition Tea”  makes comparison between the growth of plants in distilled water and growth of plants in a solution of fertilizer  together with the water that has poured down through the terrestrial and compost sections or parts of the Eco green Column.

Materials needed for building eco-green column:

·   Three bottle covers-used for the top and deep funnel sections

·      One nylon craft cord 20 cm in length-used for wick

· A marker which is not indelible-used for making marks

·        Razor Blade or utility knife –used for commencing bottle cuttings

·        Scissors-used for finalizing the cutting of the bottles

·        Soldering iron or drill-used for making a hole where the wick is to inserted in the bottle cover/cap and finally

·        Push pins for making holes for air penetrations.

If you want more information on eco-green, do not hesitate to re-visit our site for our subsequent posts on eco-green. See you then!