Thursday, 6 December 2012

Fundamentals Of Eco Green Column: What You Need To Build Eco Green Column!

An ecosystem is the population of organisms living in a particular environment together with the natural surroundings in which they live on and survive from on a daily basis. The Eco green column is a branch of life science intended to form a small sized ecosystem. Eco green column is composed of a terrestrial habitations /surroundings made up of layers of compost and also aquatic habitations/surroundings made up of water. Eco green column can be built in two different ways:

·        It can be built by firstly setting up a Terrestrial Aqua Column and afterwards gradually make additions to it.

·         It can also be built as an entire ecosystem from the beginning. Any of the method you employ is ok and acceptable, go with the one you feel more comfortable with. You will achieve the same result so long as you take into considerations all you need to set up the eco green column.

The fundamental knowledge for instructors of Eco green Column is intended to be used as a system of study of the circulation of energy within a population living in eco green column and rotation of substances within the eco green column systems. The eco green column system makes easily available the prospect to comprehend the way energy come into the existing world and transported via food chains to the different levels of organizations,  as well as the relationship between the living and nonliving environments  in the course of matter undergoing varying degrees of  cycles and changes.

Fundamental Science for instructors has recommended numerous actions for the Eco green Column. Examples of such actions are:  Inventory taking and thoughtful Change. These two actions are also recommended for the Terrestrial Aqua Column which offers fundamental data for learning about the system on the long run. The constituents of the “menu” help to observe and inspect the sources and the foundation of energy being utilized by the organisms in the Eco green Column, which easily enhances the likelihood and ability to build a food web. Essentially, “I am a Fungus” for example discloses a segment of the food web that could not be seen with naked eyes among which are the yeasts and molds that functions as decomposers within the ecosystem’s or eco-green columns food chain. During rainfall, eco- green column is converted into a representation/replica of water cycle. “Decomposition Tea”  makes comparison between the growth of plants in distilled water and growth of plants in a solution of fertilizer  together with the water that has poured down through the terrestrial and compost sections or parts of the Eco green Column.

Materials needed for building eco-green column:

·   Three bottle covers-used for the top and deep funnel sections

·      One nylon craft cord 20 cm in length-used for wick

· A marker which is not indelible-used for making marks

·        Razor Blade or utility knife –used for commencing bottle cuttings

·        Scissors-used for finalizing the cutting of the bottles

·        Soldering iron or drill-used for making a hole where the wick is to inserted in the bottle cover/cap and finally

·        Push pins for making holes for air penetrations.

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