Monday, 18 March 2013

Invest In Eco Green Cars For Your Wellbeing And For An Improved Environmental Safety

The environment should be the prior concern of everyone. Buying environmentally friendly car is supposed to be one of your top priorities if you want to live a healthy lifestyle. These types of cars constitute less pollution to the environment compared to petrol-driven cars. It is only natural that to expect that everybody will be environmentally conscious and do things that will improve the environment rather than complicate issues.  For car owners, living an eco conscious life is no longer difficult with more and more designs evolving on a constant basis. In fact, the desire for an eco green car is on the increase especially with the increase in the cost of petrol nowadays. 

The very fact that eco friendly cars cause less environmental pollution and require less maintenance than  gasoline cars make them more trendy and popular. The market previously has been subjugated by petrol power-driven automobiles but recently, there are varieties of options and models which offer  car owner opportunities to opt for eco friendly cars as a substitute for the regular petrol-powered vehicles.

The market today is filled with different kinds of environmental friendly cars. The major remarkable kind among these green cars is battery-powered automobile. This type of vehicle does not require the use of petrol at all. It is completely driven by electricity.  However, these types of automobiles can only cover limited distance of 100 miles. After about 100 miles, the vehicle ought to be recharged before it  can be able to cover another distance of similar mileage.

Individuals who are intending to purchase ecological friendly cars also have the option of choosing a hybrid vehicle which makes use of both gasoline and battery. This type of vehicle is structured to be powered first by battery for certain speed after which it will switch to petrol.

Another type of eco green cars is the plug-in hybrid cars. This type of vehicles  has a similar mode of operation to the hybrid cars; the only difference between the two is that this type of vehicles are  not self-charging  and needs to be plugged to a power outlet to recharge after some miles of usage. The hybrid cars on the other hand have an inbuilt self charger.

To give you a clearer guide, we have provided a more detailed list of top trendy eco green vehicles. See below:

TheToyota Prius
This is the most popular and most essential hybrid vehicle available. It costs about $22,000 to $24,000 and returns more or less 50 mpg for its present type.

TheChevrolet Volt 230
This is a plug-in hybrid vehicle that runs for about 40 miles on battery before needing a recharge. This type of eco green vehicle was discovered since about 10 years ago but was just recently introduced to the market.

TheTesla Roadster
Another eco friendly car is very expensive Tesla Roadster cars that is completely powered by electricity. It costs about $100,000 and has a mileage of about 300 mile range before it needs a recharge. Its ability to run for 300 mile before needing a recharge makes the invention a ground-breaking for a battery-powered vehicle.

The Honda Insight
This is the first hybrid model vehicle available in the market but was not as patronized as the Toyota Prius. However, the invention of Honda Insight opened door for availability and purchase of hybrid vehicles in the market.

The Ford Escape SUV
Another type of hybrid vehicle is the Ford Escape SUV. It functions better than all other hybrid vehicles. It can boast of economizing about 34 mpg of gasoline. Another striking difference is that even with its higher functionality; it is very cheap compared to similar models and costs about $31,500.

The Ford Fusion Hybrid
This is among the most top hybrid vehicles made in America and costs about $27,270. It has won numerous awards to its credit.

The Nissan Leaf
This is another type of hybrid vehicle that is planned to come to the market soon. This electrically powered automobile possesses glossy curves, a low gas emission engine and is affordable. Its selling price is about $32,000.

The Mitsubishi i-MiEV

This type of electric vehicle is among the first Japanese battery powered vehicles and is reputed for having a zero gas emission rate.

The Lexus HS

This is a luxurious type of electric powered vehicle that has a gasoline efficiency of $34,200.

Volkswagen Jetta TDI

This type of eco green car has a very neat line and a gasoline cost-cutting measure of 44 mpg. It can comfortably compete with top green cars. It has an inbuilt sunroof for those who love a bit of the sun rays.

Eco friendly cars are beneficial to us as well as the environment.  Though, it is not  generally functional at the moment, eventually most drivers worldwide would opt for ecogreen cars. The environment would be enhanced and much cleaner when this happens. What we should do as prospective buyers of eco green cars is work towards making the producers come out with a better options in terms of functionality and cost.

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